“It’s Great to Smell the Roses Again!”


I have suffered from seasonal allergies for almost 20 years. Each year they would progressively get worse- causing severe congestion, sneezing, puffy eyes, headaches, and often a rash. This would continue throughout the spring allergy season, and no pill or home remedy I tried ever really provided relief.

I started seeing David for acupuncture to treat my migraine headaches, and since that had been so successful, I decided to try it for treating my allergy symptoms as well. I was a bit skeptical at first, as the process seemed a little strange, but I was willing to try anything.

Within 2 – 3 weeks, the results were amazing! Without any medication, (over the counter or prescription), I was free of all symptoms. What a different spring this has been for me! Being able to get outside and smell the roses again is fantastic!

I am so glad I tried acupuncture with David! I would strongly recommend it as treatment for anyone who suffers from allergies and/ or migraine headaches.


M.G., Dover

“After two and a half months of acupuncture, my frozen shoulder was 100% better!”


After injuring my left shoulder, I had several months of physical therapy. I regained *almost* full usage of my shoulder and continued with physical therapy exercises on my own, but had to stop. Then the shoulder pain got much worse. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Before trying a cortisone shot, I wanted to better understand the alternatives. I recalled how a friend had been helped by David and decided to give acupuncture a try.

When I began the acupuncture I would have been happy just to regain the partial usage of my shoulder that I had after physical therapy. However, to my delight, after 2.5 months of acupuncture treatments with David, my shoulder was 100% better. It has now been over 6 months since David told me that I no longer needed acupuncture treatments and I continue to enjoy full usage of my shoulder. Thank you David!

K.L., Randolph

“Thanks to David, I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m able to be active without pain.”


After years of suffering with severe pain in the neck, back and down my entire right arm, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and disc degeneration of my cervical spine.  I had tried chiropractic, massage and had even undergone spinal injections to try to remedy the condition just to get some relief.  Nothing had positive results. As an athlete and body builder, this constant nagging pain not only made being active very difficult, but day to day activities were also a constant struggle.

After trying so many other therapies without success, I knew that I had to look elsewhere.  After some research, I decided to try Acupuncture of Morris County.  I spoke with their director, David Karlovich, about my problems. He listened, asked some questions and without making promises, told me that he felt confident about helping me to find relief from the constant pain.

During my consultation with David, I felt completely at ease by his relaxed manner and his willingness to really listen to my concerns about my condition.  His pleasant demeanor, vast knowledge of healing methods and reassuring nature made me actually look forward to having needles put in my body.  By the way, they really don’t hurt.  What did hurt was years of pain, but not for long.

After the first session, the constant aching I’d felt for what seemed forever was different.  It seemed less intense and less oppressive in nature.  I continued treatment with David and each session brought a greater level of relief.  I was never skeptical, but I was indeed surprised at how much relief I got in the first few treatments I received.

David always ensures my complete comfort during and after treatment with calls or emails to check to see I’m feeling well and seeing improvement.  Thanks to David, I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I am able to be active without pain.  As other pain related issues came up from my training, he was always able to eliminate the pain.  

I have recommended David to many friends and colleagues who I thought may benefit from acupuncture and I am always looking forward to my next treatment to help keep my body in balance.  David is fantastic as an acupuncturist and as a friend.

W.C., Ledgewood, NJ

” I noticed my tinnitus wasn’t as intense and realized that I felt less anxious.”


I suffered with tinnitus and anxiety about it for a couple of years. I tried all the magic pills and sound machines (to mask the ringing) to no avail.  My doctor told me nothing could be done and that I had to learn to live with it. When I got that bad news my anxiety levels went through the roof.  The online forums on tinnitus didn’t help matters with their less than rosy outlook on the condition.

Then one day I read how acupuncture might help. I started looking for acupuncturists on the internet and I found Acupuncture of Morris County and David Karlovich. I was skeptical at first but I figured I had nothing to lose. I met with David and he explained the general theory of acupuncture and how it might help me. David  didn’t make any guarantees but he felt confident he could help me and I got a sense that he really cared and was very passionate about helping me so I decided to give it a try.

I started my twice a week treatments and about a month later I noticed my tinnitus wasn’t as intense and realized that I felt less anxious with an enhanced sense of overall well-being. After 12 treatments I realized I no longer needed treatment.  My tinnitus had diminished significantly to the point where there are days that I don’t even notice it. I have to concentrate on it to hear it.

As far as anxiety, I feel better today than I did before I had tinnitus. As David said my tinnitus might have been a blessing in disguise. David not only gave me my life back he made it better than ever.

David is very caring, he takes the time to talk with you and more importantly he listens to what you have to say. He goes above and beyond  what I expected from him. After treatments David would email or call me to see how I felt.  I not only consider David my acupuncturist I consider him a friend.

D.S., North Haledon

After having had only six sessions with David, I am completely pain-free and ready to return to playing golf!


After playing a lot of golf in Florida this past winter, I suffered from “tennis elbow” of my left arm, which, unfortunately, has “cramped my style” and also has prevented me from playing golf this spring and summer.  Apparently, “tennis elbow” isn’t just an overuse injury caused by playing tennis; it’s common to golfers, and it involves strained inflamed outer elbow tendons.  Upon my return to NJ, basic arm movements such as being able to wring out a towel or picking up anything as light as a soup can were very painful.

 Initially, resting my elbow and applying ice to reduce the inflammation became standard for me, and after seeing my orthopedist, I began a regimen of physical therapy three times a week for six weeks.  The orthopedist cautioned that my injury often takes a year to heal irrespective of rest and physical therapy, which was not exactly what I wanted to hear.  Since I do not tolerate cortisone internally, having a shot wasn’t an option.  So, off to PT I went in the hope that I’d find the magic cure.  The techniques employed by the physical therapist included: application of heat, deep muscle massage and wrist stretches, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and ice.  Furthermore, to accelerate the healing process my physical therapist recommended that during the day I wear an immobilizing wrist brace that would apply some compression to my arm’s muscles and irritated tendons.  Upon completion of six weeks of PT with a therapist whom I highly regard, my injury was slightly improved but I was still in considerable pain.

Frustrated by hitting a plateau in which I still continued to feel sharp stabs and was limited by the tennis elbow condition, I opted to try acupuncture since I felt I had nothing to lose except the continual pain.  After researching local acupuncturists, I decided on David KarlovichI am pleased to report that after having had only six sessions with David, I am completely pain-free and ready to return to playing golf! 

David knows what he is doing, and I am impressed with his both his knowledge of this natural therapy and his professionalism.  He explained how the thin sterile needles stimulate a healing response, about energy flow, and he’s very attentive–he listens well to information about your symptoms and pain, and he answers questions you have.  I find his demeanor to be very calm and reassuring, and I feel that David and his staff are extremely accommodating.

Coming for acupuncture was actually a lovely relaxing experience for me.  As a matter of fact, in one of our sessions, David not only worked on my elbow but also on my left hip, and his needles ended what pain I had there. Each session certainly left me less stressed and a whole lot more relaxed than when I walked in the door.

That David’s acupuncture provided me with pain relief when other methods didn’t work makes me a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture.  Offered in conjunction with Western medicine, I’m convinced that acupuncture is an integral part of health care and needs to be accepted as such.

Thank you, David!

S.S., Newton